The Rainbow Balloons “Total Order Pricing” Discount Program (T.O.P.)

Service and Value have been the trademarks of Rainbow Balloons for over 20 years. With our successful "Total Order Pricing" Discount Program (T.O.P.), you never have to order large quantities of any single item to receive attractive discounts, and we offer three pricing levels. You decide what size order works best for your company.

1st Price—15% off: Order over $400 use the 1st and lowest price
2nd Price—10% off: Order $200 and $399 use the middle price
3rd Price—Regular low price: Order under $200 use the regular low price

Note: While equipment itself does not receive a discount, it can be used to reach a discount level so that the balloons and accessories on your order do get discounted.

Call 800-200-8181 for more details!