The perfect Helium Replacement!

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The AeroPole System
Due to Popular Demand, the AeroPole is Back!

Watch! How to build the AeroPole System <Click here>

Multiple size arches and columns from just one kit.

• Saves time and saves money •
• Easy to transport, set up & store •
• The strong flexible poles give thelook of helium decor •
• Works indoors & outdoors, Rain or Shine •

For more information, view our AeroPole flyer:

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Watch! <AeroPole Bend Demonstration>

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 AeroPole Arch Accessories
Create a new look with your AeroPole System!

NEW! = Square Arch Accessory* - Item#: APS-SQR

Circle Arch Accessory* - Item#: APS-CIRC

HOW-TO-BUILD using the Circle Arch Accessory - click here!

* Base plates, poles, and balloons are NOT included and must be purchased separately

What is the Circle Arch Accessory?:
The circle arch adapter works with the existing AeroPole System base plates and poles. It simply bolts onto the bases and then 5 to 7 AeroPoles are flexed into the circle arch shape. It is perfect for backdrops, entryways, and wherever decorators want a fresh look.

• Attach the Circle Arch adapter to your AeroPole System base plate using the supplied nut and bolt.
• If you have silver or grey base plates use the small nut with the bolt from your original base pin.
(A) 2 angle pin adapters
(B) 2- nuts
(C) 2- lock washers
(D) 2- bolts
2- small nuts for silver/gray bases

<click here for Circle Arch Plate-Assembly instructions>

Size of AeroPole after assembled:

- Use 5 AeroPoles: 9' tall, 10'6" wide, 8' wide between the base pins.
- Use 6 AeroPoles: 11' tall, 12'6" wide, 9' wide between the base pins.
- Use 7 AeroPoles: 13' tall, 14'5" wide, 10' wide between the base pins.